Thursday, May 31, 2018

Teach 180: Last Day of Classes (Day 171 & 172)

I don't normally combine two days of teaching into one blog post, but here are two posts for the price of one.  Yesterday was not a good teaching day.  About an hour into the school day, I got a call from my daughter, Cassie, saying that my dad (Pop-pop to her) was in ICU with chest pains.  I wan't teaching at the time and had the next hour to make phone calls and figure out what was happening.  He is home now and fine (tests came back negative), but the scare gave me time to think about how precious time is with family.  After school, I spent time with Cassie using her camera to take a "photo shoot" of her at the local park in her white dress for graduation.  We had fun and not once during that time did I think about teaching/school.  Plus I have some new photos for the background on my computer and phone to remind me of her when she goes to college.

Today was the last day of classes and final exams start tomorrow.  My PreCalc students requested a Kahoot to review for their last 35 minutes with me.  They chose to review logarithmic and exponential functions and based on the Kahoot, they did need more work in this area.  The fact that the students realized that they need more work in a certain area is good.  Hopefully, this will help them target their review.  I encouraged them to send me emails with questions they might have over the next few days.  As several of them left, they shook my hand and told me to "have a nice summer" and "good luck next year".  All my students have been wonderful this year and I will miss them.

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