Sunday, May 13, 2018

Teach 180: The AP Statistics Murder Mystery (Day 159)

Friday was the last official day of classes for seniors and I felt that a fun review day for AP Statistics was needed.  Although I had seen the AP Statistics Murder Mystery in the AP Statistics Reader Facebook group, I wasn't sure if I would do it.  Then, I read several posts reporting how much fun students had with the activity.  This lead me to read the questions and I concluded that it was a pretty comprehensive review in a format that the kids would find fun.  I created envelopes for each of the six worksheets.  Each worksheet led to either a weapon, location or suspect being eliminated.

Students worked in groups of 3 - 4 to solve the mystery.  My first class took about 40 minutes to complete the activity and my second class whipped through it in about 30 minutes!  Not only did they review many of the AP Statistics topics, students reviewed some of the features on their calculator, too.  As always, there will be a few things I will tweak in future years with this activity, specifically the directions on a few of the handouts required some clarification.  A special thank you to Celia Rowland for sharing this activity.

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