Thursday, May 3, 2018

Teach 180: Let the Artist in You Shine! (Day 153)

For several years now, I have been doing a project in Geometry where students create drawings in Desmos.  (Here is a drawing that was done by one of my students last year.) This year I don't teach Geometry and I am doing the project in PreCalculus with the seniors.  There are two major problems that I have had with this project in the past - one is a management issue and one is the need for a student reflection component.  Thanks to Julie Reulbach I have solved both problems.  She created a Desmos activity builder to have students do the project.  I modified what she had - included some additional directions, a recommendation to use folders and some more student reflection slides.  Now all the projects are now stored in one place! The students don't need to remember to name their file and send it to me.  I don't need to find them in my overflowing inbox!  Stay tuned for how this change turns out.  And here is the link to the activity.  Enjoy!

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