Friday, October 20, 2017

Teach 180: Dynamic & Crowdsourced Learning w/ Desmos (Day 35)

Today I put the finishing touches on my presentation for the Careers in Mathematics Conference that will be at Millersville University tomorrow.  (Even as I am blogging, I am making a few more changes to my presentation slides!)  I am hoping it goes well, but I always get nervous when it comes to presenting.  Although I had put the finishing touches on my presentation last night, I still did more work on it at school today.  A 50-minute session with time for reflection and hands-on learning on the part of the participants is very challenging.  I have a co-presenter with me, Bob Lochel, and I am very grateful that he will be there for back-up.  What's planned for the presentation?  Quite a bit.  Reflecting on the role or purpose of technology in math class.  Crowdsourcing some data to make some predictions with the help of desmos.  Letting participants see Desmos Activity Builder from a student and teacher perspective.  And finally, encouraging participants to take steps to incorporate desmos into their teaching.

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