Thursday, October 19, 2017

Teach 180: The Dollar Store Tip (Day 34)

I have purchased large gridded chart paper from Staples in the past.  It's not cheap at $1 per page!  I use it from time to time, but sparingly because it is so expensive.  Yesterday a colleague and friend, Marilyn, said that she thought rolled wrapping paper might work, because it has the grid lines that we would need.  I said perhaps, but I would be concerned about the waxy-ness of the paper.  Would the marker rub off or smudge when writing on it?

If you use Sharpie markers, the answer is no.  Here you can see the graph she drew and the fact that it is on the backside of some colorful wrapping paper.  The roll of wrapping paper cost her $1 at the local dollar store. I am guessing the approximate cost for her to use this with her math students is 5 or 10 cents per page.  And the bonus?  She can still use it to wrap her presents when the unit on parent functions and transformations is done!

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