Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Teach 180: Anyone, Anyone (Day 32)

We had a good turnout for our Math Madness team this morning and our first Math League contest was successful - triple the number of students in previous years.  But I felt like it was a sub-par day for teaching.  I had good activities planned, but I felt myself rushing in my Period A Probability & Statistics class.  I wanted to get things done quickly to make sure the students had time to work on a mini project in Fathom.  I found myself asking basic questions and then answering my own questions!  Ugh!

At one point, I think my students got lost in the technology and missed the point of the lesson.  Did they really understand how transforming data (adding a constant or multiplying by a constant) impacts the results of summary statistics?  I will be teaching this same concept tomorrow to my other Probability & Statistics class and they will not be using Fathom.  Will things be better?  I hope so.  Stay tuned!

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