Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Teach 180: The Golden Ratio (Day 114)

Today I gave a chapel talk in the middle school called "The Golden Ratio: A Common Pattern".  The bigger theme for the chapel was to look for common things we share with others rather than focusing on the differences.  My talk focused on generating the Golden Ratio from the Fibonacci sequence.  I then showed how the golden ratio is found in architecture, art, insects and the human body.  Did you know that the ratio from the tip of the index finger to the wrist and the wrist to the elbow is in the golden ratio?  Or that the width of the ear to the height of the ear is in the golden ratio?  In fact, the ratio of the length of a minor groove to a major groove in DNA is the golden ratio!

So, this ratio is seen many places.  But is it really that common?  Take any two integers and form a Fibonacci-like sequence from them.  As you find ratios of consecutive terms, it approaches the golden ratio.  The golden ratio truly is a common pattern.

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