Friday, February 2, 2018

Teach 180: Flipping Kisses (Day 98)

Today AP Statistics students constructed their very first confidence interval based on data they collected.  The data came from tossing or flipping Hershey kisses.  Students flipped 10 kisses out of a cup and repeated that 5 times to have a sample of n = 50 flips.  Students counted the number of times they landed bottom side down and recorded that as a sample proportion.  From there, we looked at the general "recipe" for creating a confidence interval for their specific set of data.  Intervals were plotted on chart paper and their calculations confirmed with their graphing calculators. 

It's unfortunate that half of the class was absent.  Although learning can happen by watching a video or reading a book, nothing can replace a hands-on activity and face-to-face discussions to build understanding of a concept. Being able to eat the chocolate is, of course, an added bonus!

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