Friday, April 13, 2018

Teach 180: Teach Collaboration Shout-Out (Day 138)

When I first joined Twitter several years ago, I was doubtful as to how it could be useful for math.  Tweeting live updates of faculty meetings?  Tweeting "having coffee and grading still", while true on many days, didn't have any value. But today was a day where Twitter came in handy.  It was a day for teacher collaboration.  Before school started, a colleague from my school asked me a question about graphing a function that was bounded by the x-axis.  She had read my blog from the previous day and was wondering if I could help her with her problem.  After a minute or two of trying and getting nowhere, I decided to tweet out the desmos page and get some Twitter collaboration.  Shout out to @MrCorleyMath and @mathteacher1729 and @MarchtoCharm and @Desmos for getting the job done.  My colleague and I thank you. 

Here is our conversation. (I just realized that I typed "want" as "what".  Oops!)

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