Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Teach 180: Comenius Presentations (Day 146)

This year we had fifteen juniors complete Comenius Independent Study projects.  The students work closely with a mentor and complete over 40 hours of study, research and synthesis.  The final product
is a ten minute presentation in the evening in front of family and friends.  On Thursday of last week, six students gave their presentations and tonight nine students presented.  What impresses me most about these presentations is that students have chosen a topic that is of interest to them to pursue.  The students will have their work mentioned in their college application next year, but there is no assigned letter grade or GPA boost with these projects.  The projects are "messy", often requiring revision based on unforseen problems.  The students quickly learn that the road to research is rarely straight or well marked.  In the end, the students take all their newly found discoveries and distill them into a short, accessible ten minute talk.  This year's presentations were, once again, outstanding!  Thank you to the mentors for guiding.  Thank you to parents for encouraging.  Thank you to the members of the Comenius Committee (Dr. Dee, Dr. Moore, Mr. Polgar, Mr. del Real and Mrs. Weems) for helping to keep the students accountable for their work. And finally, kudos to all the 2018 Comenius Scholars for a job well done!

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