Friday, April 20, 2018

Teach 180: Some Kindness (Day 144)

My daughter was getting her wisdom tooth out today. (Yes, only one.  I had four and her father had none.)  That meant that I was not at school.  However, I had a sense of how the school day started, because my daughter got a text from her friend.  On the table in the senior lounge were little slips of paper with each senior's name.  Every single senior.  Typed next to each name was a kind statement about them.  My daughter's read: you're sweet and sassy at the same time. you really care about people and want the world to be a more pleasant place

It was clear that they were written by a classmate, as some referenced a specific school event or growth and maturity over the course of the student's high school years.  If people shared kindness like this with each other on a daily basis, even a weekly basis, our world would be a better place.  Whoever the anonymous student was that did this, if you are reading my blog, I say "Thank you for taking the time to recognize what makes each student special and sharing it.  Your words will have a lasting effect beyond those simple strips of paper."

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