Monday, April 16, 2018

Teach 180: AAS Ambiguous Case (Day 140)

Today I had planned to share this video about the ambiguous case for AAS with the Law of Sines.  However, we had a guest presenter today in the other PreCalculus class and I was able to sit in on that class.  He showed the students the following from Geogebra.

I decided to use it in my class later that day, but chose to work with an angle other than 30 degrees.  It didn't work quite as well to get just one right triangle.  It snaps to one right triangle when the angle is 30 degrees, because there is an exact length of 1/2 of the hypotenuse.

There were a few students absent today and I plan on showing them the following short demo video to get them up to speed when our class meets again on Wednesday.

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