Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Teach 180: Reflecting on Blogging: Why? (Day 95)

At the beginning of the year, I jumped into #teach180 blogging.  I had heard of other teachers doing it
and wondered "How? Where do they find the time?" and "Why?  What is the point?"  Well, today is Day 95 for me and I don't have an really have an answer to the first question.  I blog during school     
(sometimes), after school (sometimes), on the 
weekend (sometimes), and late at night (sometimes).  Basically, I blog when I have a moment to sit still and it happens, because I have made it a priority. (An alternative explanation is that I have found a way to make days have more than 24 hours.)

The answer to the second question is I blog because it has given me a more formal way to reflect on my teaching.  Scribbled notes in the margins of my planning book will still be a thing, and I will never want to give up on the conversations about teaching with my colleagues.  But blogging is different.  Because of my blog, I often think ahead about what I am teaching and what I might include in my blog.  My blogging has led me to try new things and publicly share my successes and failures.  Ultimately, I blog because it makes me a better teacher.  Here's to 85 days more!!!

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