Thursday, November 2, 2017

Teach 180: The Document Camera (Day 44)

Today we did more work on Pre-Calculus with transforming functions.  When several transformations are involved at once, it can be quite challenging for students to draw the image from the preimage.  Today, I decided it was best to use my HoverCam document camera to work through several problems with students. This allowed students to better see how each of the points was being transformed.  A screenshot of a completed problem is shown below.  The original function is in black and the transformed function is in purple.  The red annotation was added using the HoverCam software to show a pair of corresponding points.  I also had several students come to the front of the room and they also used the document camera to demonstrate how to transform various functions.

Depending on the assignment, I have found the HoverCam to be a helpful way for showcasing and critiquing student work.

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