Friday, August 24, 2012

TI-NSpire Quick Tips

I decided that our school will not be moving to TI-NSpire's this year. (Too many other technology initiatives happening.) However, I am going to work really hard to do math exclusively with the N-Spire. My daughter is going into Algebra 1 and she was excited to get my old 84. So, now that I don't have my 84 readily available, I can't be tempted to grab it when I can't figure out something with the NSpire. (I am slightly embarrassed to say I have owned an N-Spire for over 3 years and have probably spent only 20 hours using it over those 3 years prior to making this commitment to change.)

Reading a new book by Lucas Allen of Tech Powered Math helped me to get started. It was a quick read and gave me what I needed to try things out on my own. (The book is called the TI-NSpire for Beginners oh, and Tech Powered Math also is on Twitter and Facebook.) As a result, I have decided to create NSpire video quick tips. The direct link to the video is HERE.

I plan to upload a new quick tip each Friday to my youtube channel at mathteacher24. They will be short, just 60 seconds or less. I have ideas for 20 quick tips so far and hopefully will have ideas for more quick tips as I become more adept at using the NSpire. If you have an idea for a TI-NSpire Quick Tip, you can leave a comment here or at my youtube channel.

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